Freelance Surgical - Pre-Owned Division

We are changing the way we work, we will be offering a new refined service moving forward. We can act as a conduit between companies that provide high quality new and pre-owned hospital surgery equipment allowing customers to source premium items without compromising on quality.

To access this service please explore our new Freelance Consultancy website.

For all new VBM Hospital equipment please visit the Hospital Division website.

And for our comprehensive website featuring all our veterinary new and pre-owned equipment please visit the Veterinary Division website.

  • Hospital

    Comprehensive Tourniquet range including Digital 9000 Machine, Reusable, Limited Use & Disposable Cuffs, Padding, Drapes & Exsanguination Devices. Difficult Airway Equipment such as the Manujet III, Jet Ventilation Catheter, Quicktrach, Surgicric & LTS-D. We also supply the Olympic Vac Pac patient positioners and Safersonic Ultrasound Drape.

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  • Veterinary

    We are suppliers of veterinary surgical equipment including Orthopaedic Implants, TTA, TPLO, Internal fixation, IMEX, vetLOX, and more recently have formed associations with BioMedtrix, Medtronic and Depuy Synthes! We can supply an extensive range of orthopaedic power tools, Endoscopy including flexible scopes, Rigid Arthroscopes, Laparoscopes....

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  • Consultancy

    We are offering a new service to our clients. Robert Towler who has had 45 years experience in the medical trade and helped equip many start up clinics. We are now offering to act as a conduit between companies that provide high quality new and pre-owned equipment that will allow clinics and hospitals to get the maximum out of their budget without compromising quality.

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